Thermal Inspections

See what you can't see with the naked eye
Time savings
Inspection time is significantly reduced.
Thermal imaging can reveal problems not visible to the naked eye.
Inspection costs can be significantly reduced.
Inspections can be carried out much more safely through the use of drones.

Thermal Inspections

Discover the invisible with our thermal drone inspections.
Drones can reduce inspection time by 70%. New technological developments in sensors provide managers with accurate data. Drones play an important role in the management and maintenance of objects.
Cost reduction
The inspection costs in the industry have experienced a significant surge in recent years. However, the utilization of drones for inspection work presents a viable solution to minimize these costs and streamline the inspection process.

Thermal InspectionInspection Challenges

In order to meet the increasing safety requirements, managers of infrastructure and real estate objects, among other things, must periodically inspect the object for (hidden) issues. Thermal imaging combined with visual imaging can provide a complete understanding of the condition of the object. Making a building more sustainable and knowing where heat is leaking? Even then our thermal inspections are of added value to generate the necessary insights.

Thermal InspectionWe use the best
drones and cameras

Traditional thermal inspection methods are very time consuming. Performing a successful inspection with a drone requires the best technology and a team that understands how to conduct a successful flight. We have the best in-house technology and our team of specialists is constantly working to optimize our output.
Our satisfied clients
Successful projects
Our drones have successfully inspected many objects by thermal imaging.
The best result for your money
Collaboration with various specialists results in a complete solution for your needs. We take care of the entire process, from the inspection flight to the processing of the data.


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