Solar InspectionModern solutions for sustainable energy.

Time savings
Inspection time is reduced by 70%
Uncover more issues than with ground inspections
Inspection costs can be reduced by more than 50%
Increase revenue by resolving identified issues

Drones for inspecting solar panels

Optimal return and better profits from investments
Drones can reduce inspection time by 70%. New technological developments provide managers with accurate data. Drones play a crucial role in the search for reliable and affordable energy.
Cost savings
The industry has experienced large increases in costs. It is now, more than ever, important for solar managers to optimize their operations and create value within the power generation process.

Solar InspectionChallenges during

To meet the growing demand for energy, solar businesses have to install thousands of solar panels. To provide 100.000 households with energy, 2.500 hectares of solar panels are needed. By detecting defects before they become a problem, optimal returns can be achieved and maintained.

Solar InspectionWe use the best
drones and cameras

Traditional inspection methods can be incredibly time-consuming. To ensure a successful inspection using a drone, the best technology and a knowledgeable team are essential. We maintain the highest quality standards and are continuously striving to improve our processes.
Our satisfied clients
Successful projects
Our drones have successfully inspected many
hundreds of thousands of panels.
The best value for your money
With our partners we offer a complete solution for your needs. We take care of the entire process, from inspection to processing data.


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