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January 2023Thermal Inspection

For Meijer Verduurzaamt we have made thermal recordings in Hoogeveen of an apartment building in January 2023. We have made thermal images (photo and video) for this and delivered them in a fully arranged report. With this report, the client can further identify which steps must be taken to make the building more sustainable.

Q3/Q4 2022Aquathermal measurements

The CIV department of Rijkswaterstaat has deployed Pilot on Demand for a research project. For this project, we measured the temperature of the water surface at various times with our thermal imaging camera. This information is of added value for Rijkswaterstaat to see how drone data can supplement traditional satellite measurements.

October 2022Promotion Wind Farms

In October 2022, Pilot on Demand was allowed to make recordings in France of four wind farms for Re:cap Global Investors AG. We have made photo material, video material and even 360 degree photos. Due to the fact that we are a European certified drone operator, we have permission to fly our drones outside the Netherlands!

March 2022Monitoring Algae concentration

In collaboration with Sitemark, VITO and Rijkswaterstaat, Pilot on Demand provided drone measurements for a research project near the Oosterschelde. The main question was whether we can observe algae concentrations and fluctuations in relation to tidal phases with drones. Curious about the results of this research project? Contact us!

Q2 2022Inspection Overhead Power Lines

In the spring of 2022, we inspected a high-voltage connection between Groningen and Eemshaven for TAUW. The aim of the project was to identify breeding (protected) birds in the overhead power lines. As a certified drone operator, we have special exemptions to fly at these high-risk locations.

Q2 2022Solar Carport Biddinghuizen

Commissioned by Solarfields, Pilot on Demand has made recordings of the construction of the largest solar carport in the world! The solar park has an area of more than 35 hectares and around 90.000 solar panels have been installed. These provide enough electricity to facilitate 100 festival weekends. Pilot on Demand was responsible for making both photo and video material.

Q2 2022Night flights TAUW

In the autumn of 2021 we carried out a number of night flights for TAUW. We made recordings with the thermal imaging camera. Since flying at night is not allowed in the Netherlands, Pilot on Demand has applied for a special exemption for this project. Under this special exemption we are allowed to operate flights outside UDP (Uniform Daylight Period) throughout the Netherlands.


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