Marketing & Communication

The modern age is driven by creativity. Marketing is becoming increasingly competitive, requiring unique and creative content to stand out from the crowd.
Promote your company, event or project through professional videos and photos.
Increase your online findability with the help of unique content.
Our content is versatile. Post it on your website, social media or wherever you want.
Our creative team has a lot of experience with challenging photo and video projects.

MediaDrones for photo and video.

A unique way to present your project, company or event.
Unique perspective
With the help of a drone, you can take your viewers on an earial journey through your organization, project, or event. You can provide your audience with a bird's eye view that gives an extra dimension and a unique perspective to the footage.
Flying everywhere
We have the necessary papers and permits to fly almost anywhere in Europe. There are almost no restrictions to create special content for your project, company or event.

MediaA picture says more than 1.000 words

Our creative team specializes in producing stunning aerial photos that speak volumes. Drawing on our years of experience, we have worked with countless clients to create unique, captivating images. We prioritize client needs, so that each project is completed to the highest standards of excellence.

MediaUnique stories
through video

We specialize in creating aerial video for your project. With our extensive experience in video production, we know how to get the perfect shot. We have the essential expertise and capabilities to capture a distinctive video for each project.
Our satisfied clients
250 x 150 Avitec
Successful projects
Our drones have flown in many places in Europe to shoot beautiful footage.
Will your company, project or event be next?
The best value for your money
With our knowledge and experience we offer a creative solution for your needs. We take care of the entire process, from script writing to photo and video editing.


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