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About Pilot on DemandAs a European Certified Operator, we guarantee consistently high-quality service and rapid processing times.

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to perfectly fit any project. Our highly skilled and experienced pilots are rigorously selected and fully equipped to take on any challenge - no matter how challenging.

Let us know your vision and objectives, and we'd be delighted to hear more details. Together, we can explore the best solution to meet your requirements.

Solar panel inspection

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to quickly and safely scan large surfaces of solar panels, providing a clear visualisation of hotspots. This helps us to identify problems quickly and maintain optimal energy production.

By using drones to perform these scans, we can further speed up the process while ensuring safety.

Object inspection

Drones are an incredibly effective tool for inspecting complex structures, allowing advanced cameras to quickly and safely scan for any issues such as defects, leaks and corrosion. This not only reduces the need for extra personnel and safety measures, but also provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for identifying potential problems.


The use of drones in vulnerable or difficult to access areas allows landscape managers to improve their productivity and efficiency, while also providing increased safety. Examples of how drone technology can benefit operations include vegetation management, determining harvesting times and adhering to regulations. We also frequently use drone surveying for crop inspections, where special cameras (RGB, Thermal, Multispectral) are used to capture the health and growth of crops, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Crop Monitoring

Drones equipped with multispectral cameras take images in various wavelengths. This allows detailed information to be collected about the health of crops and soil conditions. This data is of added value for farmers, seed breeders and researchers.

Thermal Inspection

In order to meet the increasing safety requirements, managers of infrastructure and real estate objects must periodically inspect objects for (hidden) defects. Thermal imaging combined with visual imaging provides a complete understanding of the condition of the object. Making a building more sustainable and knowing where heat is leaking? Then, our thermal inspections are of added value to generate the necessary insights.


Capture stunning and captivating photos of your projects, services, and properties with the help of our team of professional photographers. Our images are of the highest quality, suitable for both print and digital media, and are sure to grab the attention of your audience. Let us know your vision and we'll work with you to make it a reality.

Project Management

Our team of experienced pilots is committed to take project monitoring off your hands. From preparation to delivery, the entire project can be (periodically) visualized to generate the insights you need. At Pilot on Demand we understand the unique challenges and regulations. That is why we pay attention to safety, quality and efficiency in all our projects.

Pilot on Demand

We can fly almost everywhere with Pilot on Demand! Not only do we have all the paperwork necessary to travel to places where others are not allowed to fly, such as industrial areas, controlled airspace, and vulnerable nature reserves, but we can also fly at times when others are not permitted, including at night. Our pilots are highly knowledgeable and experienced in operating missions in high-risk areas. So, wherever you need to go, let us take you there!

Zonnepanelen inspectie

Warmtebeeldcamera’s geven duidelijk temperatuurafwijkingen op zonnepanelen aan. Door drones in te zetten, kunnen grote oppervlaktes sneller en veiliger gescand worden. Hierdoor worden problemen snel geïsoleerd en blijft de energieproductie op een optimaal niveau.


De inzet van drones in kwetsbare of moeilijk toegankelijke natuurgebieden stelt landschapsbeheerders in staat hun productiviteit en efficiëntie te verbeteren. Uitdagingen zoals opslagbeheer, bepalen van kapmomenten en het naleven van voorschriften zijn enkele van de voorbeelden die drone-technologie kunnen helpen stroomlijnen. Verhoogde veiligheid en lagere verzekeringskosten komen de operationele efficiëntie ten goede.


Laat scherpe en duidelijke foto’s van jouw projecten, diensten of eigendommen maken. Ons team van professionele fotografen voorzien je van verbluffende afbeeldingen welke geschikt zijn voor zowel gedrukte als digitale media. Trek de aandacht van jouw klanten met boeiende en unieke inhoud. Vertel ons jouw wensen en we zullen met je samenwerken om jouw doelen te bereiken.

Pilot on Demand

Wij kunnen bijna overal vliegen! Pilot on Demand beschikt over alle papieren die nodig zijn om op plekken te mogen vliegen waar anderen dat niet mogen. Denk aan industriegebieden, gecontroleerd luchtruim en kwetsbare (natuur)gebieden. Ook beschikken wij over specifieke ontheffingen die nog meer mogelijk maken (zoals vliegen in het donker). Daarnaast beschikken onze piloten over de juiste kennis en vaardigheden om missies op risicovolle plekken uit te voeren.

Why clients choose us

We at Pilot on Demand are incredibly proud of the pivotal role we play in the drone service industry. Our team of passionate and experienced pilots are always ready to provide you with exceptional service!
Our pilots are highly skilled professionals who take great pride in their work, providing unbeatable service to our clients.
Your data is securely stored in our cloud environment. Only you have access to your sensitive information.
We make drone deployment easier and faster for you by eliminating the intimidating and time-consuming process.
Using drones provides immense value due to their ability to expedite projects, enhance efficiency, and increase accuracy.

”Our most distinctive feature? We actively seek out collaboration with experts from different industries. This enables us to provide customised advice to a range of sectors, in addition to the services we already offer. We stay abreast of market trends and are always looking for fresh opportunities and possibilities.”

Frank Staats (owner)

A flexible platform

We can equip our drones with a range of custom cameras and sensors to better meet your requirements. The flexible nature of the platform ensures that our drones can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs.
Thermal camera:
Locate hidden defects before they become a problem. See what the naked eye can't and prevent issuees from occuring.
LiDar camera:
Draftsmen use point clouds generated by LiDAR cameras to measure and calculate with centimeter precision.
Zoom camera:
Cameras with a high zoom range can help you inspect high-risk objects, ensuring that you don't miss a detail.
Photo camera:
High-resolution cameras and lenses offer crystal clear visuals, allowing you to witness every intricate detail.

Pilot on DemandOur satisfied clients

Our experience is your advantage

We have been keeping a close eye on the drone revolution since its inception, and have acquired the necessary knowledge along the way.
Our team consists of enthusiastic specialists
The power of drone data is being discovered by an increasing number of industries.
Safe and efficient flights are performed by professional pilots.
We are European certified, allowing us to fly where others can't.


Positive communication, a professional working method and a good price/quality ratio. I have already awarded several assignments to Pilot on Demand and I will certainly use this company again in the future for beautiful aerial and ground images + post-processing.

Joshua van Middelkoop

Honest professional partner of Solarfields from the very beginning. Pilot on Demand thinks along with you, is always easily accesssible and delivers excellent quality images. With a healthy dose of sobriety, I can recommend them to everyone.

David de Jong - Solarfields

Pilot on Demand provides us with a video every month for the construction of the new factory for M&G Group in Assen. The service, cooperation and quality is excellent.

Ostry Stephanus - M&G Group

Pilot on Demand provides drone services that you won’t find in the north of the Netherlands. As a fellow drone pilot I run into my limits sometimes. With Pilot on Demand I always find a solution.

Guido Hansman

Pilot on Demand is a professsional company with professional equipment. They’ve got the right stuff, as we say. The data they collect is of high quality. It is very pleasant to do business with Pilot on Demand!

oQuay Onderwaterinspecties

Exceptionally sympathetic, alert and cooperative organization. They have worked out an almost impossible wish into the happiest result in 2020!

Choe Mie Dilling-Chan

Tight service with high tech top material. Impressive image quality from our solar panels for identifying hot spots.

Jan de Morrée

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Resolution wise, 3cm-5cm per pixel (3-5cm GSD), is quite the norm for drone acquired data in 2017 no limitations.


Propeller, Red Bird and 4D Mapper can also make your final models visible via your browser for your clients.


Collecting imagery using satellite or manned aircraft usually requires at least a few days - area covered.

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