Crop Monitoring

Modern solutions for crop monitoring.
Time Savings
Inspection time is significantly reduced
Multispectral cameras reveal issues that were previously invisible
Inspection costs can be significantly reduced
With drones, a field of vulnerable crops does not have to be entered

Drones for Crop Monitoring

Optimal yield and better profit from agricultural land
Drones can reduce inspection time by 70%. New technological developments in sensors provide farmers with accurate data. Drones play an important role in monitoring crop health.
Cost reduction
The agricultural industry has experienced a rise in costs, making it more challenging for farmers and researchers to maintain profitability. Using drones for crop monitoring can provide an effective solution to this problem.

Crop MonitoringChallenges for monitoring crops

Multispectral data offers insights to increase yield and meet food demand. Farmers and researchers can optimize practices, enhance production, and improve sustainability.

Crop MonitoringWe use the best
drones and cameras

Our multispectral camera-equipped drones capture detailed crop health and soil condition images, delivering valuable insights. Our data analysis service processes and interprets the data for optimized farming. Choose us for comprehensive and efficient drone solutions.
Our satisfied clients
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Successful projects
Our drones have already inspected many crops, including lettuce, pumpkin, sugar beet and onion.
The best value for your money
By collaborating with a wide range of specialists, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution that takes care of every aspect of the process, from the initial inspection flight to processing and reporting the data.


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